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Google Analytics for Small Business

After this course, you’ll be able to understand your website reports, know which marketing efforts are most effective, and make the best decisions for your business.


Downloadable Content

Cheat sheets and reference guides to accelerate your learning.

Online Course

Short, bite-size lessons made to fit into your busy schedule.


Control Your Spend

Make sure the money you spend on your business comes back to you.

Better Decisions

Be empowered to make the right decisions to grow and expand your business.

Free Training

My free training is geared towards small business owners who want a better handle on their current marketing efforts and how well they’re actually working.


Learn where your site visitors come from


See which websites link to yours


Determine how engaging your website is


See what's making you the most money

This Course is for You if…

This course is for website owners spending money on marketing and trying to grow their business. Specifically, this course is for you if you’ve run into any of the following problems and you’re ready to find a solution.


Marketing Isn't Working

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything in terms of marketing? All those ideas but nothing has grown your business like you need it to. This course will show you which of your marketing works best – and why.


Spending Money on Ads

If you’re spending on digital ads, you need to be sure your money is going to the right places and working hard for your business. This course will show you how to track that spend and make sure it turns into sales.


Visitors Leave Your Website

Are visitors coming to your site and leaving right away? You might not know what they saw when they came or why they left without calling you. This course will show you why.


Confused by Your Reports

Are you getting reports about your website that confuse you? Numbers and charts that are supposedly about your site but don’t make any real sense. This course cuts through the noise and brings the right information into focus.


Fast, Convenient, Fun

This course will take you through a transformation. Lessons are broken down into steps that will have you making the best decisions for your business. 

Modern Tools & Design

This course will work on your phone, tablet, or laptop. The videos are short and concise, and the lessons can be completed from anywhere.

A Teacher Who Cares

I love Google Analytics and I love helping businesses. Throughout the course, I will be there to answer all your questions and dive into the details of your business. 


Your Instructor

I love Google Analytics. I’ve been working with and in it since 2011. For over nine years I have used it to grow sales, cut bad marketing spend, and improve businesses. It’s an incredibly powerful tool and I want to share that value with you. Click below to read more about who I am and why I’m teaching this course.

Full Course Enrollment

The full course is now available for enrollment. As you consider joining, know that the course will cover:


Google Analytics fundamentals


Where you visitors come from


Why your visitors aren't buying


How effective your marketing is


Getting more sales from your website

Enrollment has officially opened! Click the button below to find out more about the course and get started today.

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