Andy AuGustin

My Work

My name is Andy AuGustin and I love Google Analytics.

I’ve been working with Google Analytics and in digital marketing since 2011. I started with a student job working for my university, learning what I could, and trying to be as helpful as possible.

I took some odd jobs designing websites and an internship with a small marketing agency.

After that I got my first “real job.” The numbers in the reports were bigger and the pressure to grow sales was higher, but I was using the same Google Analytics reports to solve problems.

I decided to take on some clients on the side, using the skills I’d learned in Google Analytics, SEO, and Google Ads. I founded RankPlus SEO, LLC, an agency helping small business owners bring in more customers.

I eventually quit the 9-5 to serve my clients full time. I love the work – I get to talk to people, learn about their business, and help them grow it.

After working with clients for a few years, I realized the same questions kept coming up.  Questions like:


How are my ads doing?


How do people find my site?


Should I start spending money on Google Ads?


What content does my site need?


Why aren't more people calling me?


How can I increase sales?

With the same questions coming up over and over again with different clients, I resolved to start RankPlus Academy to give business owners the answers they need.

Andy AuGustin

My Life

I just became a dad! In the summer of 2023 my wife and I welcomed our first daughter into our lives. Her name is Ellie. She is the best thing about me and is an absolute joy to be around.

When I’m not working with clients, I’m probably playing with her, changing her diaper, or just watching her sleep. She loves to eat and sleep. She definitely does not love to get her diaper changed.

Parenthood is an adventure but the three of us are figuring it out together!


My Experience

RankPlus SEO, LLC - Owner

I started an agency that helps grow small- to medium-sized businesses through a combination of SEO and Google Ads services. RankPlus SEO has helped over 2 dozen clients expand and see more customers.

National Vision, Inc - Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist

I managed SEO and non-paid traffic for two brands with over 1,000 locations. I also managed Google and Bing Ads for these brands, recreating both accounts from the ground up. I developed strategies for under-performing locations and reported these efforts to upper-management.

BlueFire Marketing - Marketing Manager

Developed and executed a plan for building the company’s online presence, as well as adding social media and web development offerings to the company’s services.

University of Georgia - Student Worker

I worked under the Marketing Director to help achieve department goals that included redesigning the website, creating supporting ads, and tracking our efforts with Google Analytics. 


Your Friendly Instructor

If all of that sounds like someone you might want to learn from, book a consultation. During our consultation, we’ll work through your current marketing efforts and the effect of Analytics/Tag Manager on your business.

Other Things I Love

Believe it or not, my life isn’t all Google Analytics. I like Google Ads, too.

In my non-work time, I am just as much of a nerd. I like to read when I can – I have truly lost count of the number of times I’ve gone through the Harry Potter series. I fire up some video games when I need to relax, or go for a walk with a podcast playing in my ears.

I didn’t consider myself a runner, but after being challenged to do it I trained for and completed my first half marathon this spring.

I’m in an adult kickball league, and it’s embarrassing how much fun we have. We also alternate flag football and volleyball when the weather’s nice. I’m in Atlanta, so the weather is almost always nice.

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