Google Analytics Course for Small Business

For Business Owners Who Know Analytics Are The Lifeblood Of Their Small Business – But Feel Cranial Explosions When You Look At Your Dashboard

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Watch the purchases roll in


Phone ringing off the hook from your website inquiries


Know beyond a shadow of a doubt what’s working & what’s not


Track how people interact with your site, to improve it


Find out who is visiting your website

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Who It’s For

When you look at your analytics dashboard, you’re confused. Am I reading it right? Is it hooked up correctly? Are these even the right numbers? These are questions you’ve been asking yourself for some time. Eventually, you just stopped looking at your analytics dashboard. It was too stressful and scary. You want to make the right decisions for your website and your business, but you’re not sure which numbers to look at, or what they mean. You are spending money on marketing, but you’re not sure which ads are really making you money.

After this course, you will know who is visiting your website, which areas and traffic sources they’re coming from, which of your marketing efforts are making you money vs. flushing it down the toilet, why people “bounce” off your website and how to change that, and empower yourself to feel more in control of making better decisions for your business.

You’ll Have The Power To…


Effortlessly identify which marketing efforts to fund and cut (hint: the analytics always tell)


Know why people leave your website - and how to STOP them


Look at your reports and finally know what they mean instead of confusion


Take action on what you’ve learned to dramatically increase your sales


Paying in full? Get the discount. Or, choose the 3-month payment plan. Either way, you get access to all course material from Day 1 to Graduation.


Paid in Full - $219

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3 Monthly Payments for a total of $264 (Early Bird Discount)


Expand the sections below for an overview of the topics we’ll cover and what you’ll learn in this course:

Section 1 - What Google Analytics Does
  • What kinds of questions Google Analytics can answer 
  • We’ll look at things that Google Analytics does not track
  • Why Google Analytics is SO important for your business
Section 2 - How Google Analytics Works
  • How Google Analytics tracking data is sent 
  • What kind of information is tracked 
  • What information is not tracked 
  • Follow these simple steps to add Google Analytics to your website
Section 3 - What The Heck Are My Customers Doing?
  • Learn how Google Analytics defines visits to your site
  • The real difference between a visit and a visitor
  • Common terms you’ll see as you look through Google Analytics reports 
  • Which pages your visitors actually spend time looking at
  • How to eek 100% of the juice out of this information
Section 4 - Is It Making You Money? If Not, Ditch It
  • Identify the money-making activities on your website 
  • Decide what you want customers to do when they visit
  • Determine which website actions lead to $$ for your business
  • Set up a way to automatically track these money-making activities
  • Learn how to read and decide how to act on the reports about these activities
Section 5 - How Well Your Marketing Works
  • Learn where customers are coming from 
  • Who is visiting your website
  • Look at the ways people view your site (mobile vs desktop vs tablet)
  • See which of your marketing efforts actually lead to sales, and how to double down on them
  • Straightforward, clear answers to your biggest marketing questions
Section 6 - Know With Total Confidence What to Do Next
  • Case Study #1: evaluating whether your email campaigns are working
  • Case Study #2: evaluating whether your Google Ads campaigns are working
  • Case Study #3: evaluating a website getting traffic from multiple sources
  • Learn what to do next in each scenario

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Don’t take my word for it…


Rachel W.

“The course was so amazing! I’m seriously impressed!! Overall, the organization and the pace was amazing! I was very impressed with the video content.”


Brad M.

“I’ve been in Google Analytics for years and still find the technical explanations from Google to be mind-numbing. That’s why I’m encouraged about your approach to GA. You use a marketer’s language. Plain English. “


Cindy W.

“I recently contacted RankPlus Academy because I could not find help with Google Analytics other than going around in circles with the online help. I use GoDaddy and when Google initiated the new cookie policy the analytics stopped working and GoDaddy does not support it. I was happy to find reasonably priced help at RankPlus and met Andy. What a gem! Andy is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful going above and beyond to help me resolve the problems and understand the set up process and even provided guidance for future updates. I highly recommend Andy whose professionalism is outstanding.”


Stacey A.

“This course on Google Analytics Is great for the person who needs to understand more about what’s happening on their website. 

Andy is a great instructor and along with the visuals, it’s easy for anyone to understand and take action. Highly recommend!”


Marcus M.

“I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to unlock the value that Google Analytics can have for your organization or business. Andy is a wonderful instructor and presents the information in a way that is digestible and applicable!”


Kaitlyn D.

“Andy did everything – with almost no time or effort from me! My business was carefully studied and is being represented professionally. Now I have a steady flow of clients coming to our business. Using Andy was the best investment I’ve ever made for my business.”


Habiba T.

“My work with Andy has been tremendous. I was able to leave my questions and requirements in Andy’s capable hands. 

I am very happy with the work overall and would recommend him to anyone who needs these services.”

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Google Analytics Fundamentals for Small Business

Take the course today to gain a complete understanding of who visits your website, where they’re coming from, what stops them from buying and how to change that. Understand which of your marketing pushes (paid ads, social media, etc) are working and which ones to drop like a flaming bag of Cheetos. Enroll now..

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Satisfaction Guaranteed. 30-day full refund policy, no questions asked.


Andy AuGustin (Your Instructor)

I love Google Analytics. I’ve been working with and in it since 2011. For over nine years I have used it to grow sales, cut bad marketing spend, and improve businesses. It’s an incredibly powerful tool and I want to share that value with you. Click below to read more about who I am and why I’m teaching this course.

Andy AuGustin

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course right for me?

This course is for you if you:

  • Want to know why people give up and leave your site without buying, when they need what you have
  • Worry that you’re actually spending more on ads than you’re making, or barely breaking even and want to know for sure
  • Would love to take advantage of the traffic to your website by turning it into sales
  • Have no idea what people actually do or look at when they visit your website
  • How do people find you? You aren’t sure, and would like to know
  • Want to become proficient at Google Analytics
How long will I have access to the course material?

Your enrollment gives lifetime access to all course material. That includes everything in the course today, and all updates/additions coming to the course in the future. You will always be able to login and review a lesson or grab a fresh worksheet as needed.

What does the course cover?

This course will show you what’s happening on your website, which of our marketing efforts are most effective, and empower you to make better decisions for your business. To view those steps and the topics covered in the course, click here.

Can I get my money back?

Yes. If you are unhappy with your purchase, or the course isn’t what you expected, you have 30 days to receive a full refund. Send me a message at and I’ll get your money back right away. No questions asked. 

How are lessons taught?

Lessons are taught with a combination of videos, slides, and worksheets. We’ll cover the topics and take you into real, live Google Analytics reports. For the majority of lessons, all you have to do is click “play” and be prepared to take notes.

Does this course have any requirements or pre-requisites?

No. No previous Google Analytics training or experience is required to take this course. Whether you are a beginner or you’ve been using Google Analytics for years, you’ll be able to learn and grow with this course.

How long does the course take?

The course is entirely self-paced. The full course is broken down into 6 steps, which can be completed as quickly or as slowly as you’d like. You could comfortably complete one step per day and have the course completed in less than a week. But even if it takes you longer, your access to the course material will never expire. 

How do I get help if I get stuck?

If you get stuck on a lesson or run into issues, shoot me an email at and I’ll help you get it solved.

How much does the course cost?

This course costs $219 if paid in full, saving you more than 15%. There are also payment plans available, see below. 

Are there payment plans available?

Yes, there is a payment plan available. You can choose to pay in full for a discount. If you select the payment plan, you will be charged 3 monthly payments of $87.75.

Is there a military discount?

Yes, veterans and active military members are eligible for a 20% discount. If you are currently serving or have served, send me an email at to have your discount applied.

Do I need to be a business owner?

No, you do not need to own your own business. If you are working as an employee, agency, vendor, or just have a site you care about, you will be able to get tremendous value from the powerful knowledge of how to understand, interpret and take action on your analytics in this course.

I don’t have Google Analytics on my website, can I still take this course?

Yes. The course includes step by step instructions to add Google Analytics tracking to your website. I’ve included instructions for websites built on multiple platforms including WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly.

How do I get the most out of this course?

To make the most of your enrollment, you should have a website you care about. It will also help to have a pen and paper to take notes on anything that stands out to you. You should feel free to continuously pause and rewind videos. This will help you review tricky topics, and/or give you time to pull up your own website reports and compare them to the lesson material. 

My website doesn’t sell anything, can I still take this course?

Yes. Your website does not need to sell anything for you to make the most of this course. We will cover different ways websites can generate customers and other forms of non-monetary value, including phone calls, collecting emails, form fills, and more. 

What kind of hardware do I need for this course?

All you need is a computer, phone, or laptop, and an internet connection. The lessons can be viewed on any device with a web browser.

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Google Analytics Fundamentals for Small Business

After this course, you will know what’s happening on your website, understand which marketing efforts are most effective, and be empowered to make better decisions for their business. Enroll now.

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