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Google Analytics Definitions

Common terms found in Google Analytics. This guide includes definitions and examples, written for non-experts.

URL Tracking Guide

Everything you need to know about UTM Parameters, including how to set them up and how to read them in your reports.

How to Install Google Analytics

A step-by-step guide (screenshots included) to install Google Analytics without a developer.

ROI Calculator

This worksheet evaluates your different marketing efforts to compare their Return on Investment for your business.

Why Didn't They Buy

This guide lists common questions about your business and shows you which Google Analytics report has the answer.

What Makes You Money

This worksheet helps identify the money-making actions a visitor can take on your website. They will be given a value and tracked.

Free Google Analytics Training

Get started with my free intro course, where I show you how to find out which of your marketing is most effective and where you need to make changes.  

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