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Google Analytics 4 Deadlines

We have already passed Google’s June 30, 2022, cutoff for transferring full year-over-year reporting data from the current Universal Analytics (UA) system into GA4.

If you haven’t made the transition yet, you still can, but don’t wait. Every day you put this off is one less day of year-over-year comparison data you will have available this time next year.

What’s more, after July 1, 2023, all existing standard UA accounts will no longer receive any data. On October 1, 2023, all 360 Universal Analytics accounts will also stop working.

Clearly the Google Analytics transition is time sensitive. But not everyone is tech savvy with the time and skills to take care of this on their own. So, what are your options?

If you aren’t sure where to start and how to prepare for Google Analytics 4, no worries. You’re in the right place. We are experts at helping businesses transition to GA4.

How is GA4 Different from Universal Analytics (UA)?

GA4 is better than UA because it:

  • Tracks data in a variety of ways across multiple platforms.
  • Helps you follow the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations on data privacy.
  • Lets you build (or hire a marketing team like RankPlus to build) funnels using data you’ve already collected.
  • Focuses more on user engagement.
  • Can help you predict purchase probability.

Challenges of GA4 include:

  • Understanding the different reporting.
  • Getting used to the new GA4 metrics.
  • Having to set up data analysis outside of the platform.
  • Needing to manually export legacy data out of your UA account or risk losing it.
  • Making sure all links between Google Analytics and Google Ads get moved over.

If this sounds overwhelming, it’s not just you.

How to Get Google Analytics UA to GA4 Help

You don’t need to set up this new tool on your own. Getting help with the GA4 migration is easy.

Whether you’re having problems with GA4 installation and need to troubleshoot, or you just want help figuring out how to use GA4, we are here for you.

Rank Plus will walk you through the set-up process to make sure everything is working correctly. We will also help you decide what data to migrate over to GA4 and help you make GA4 tagging updates in your tag manager.

To get started, click below for a free quote and free consultation.

Hi, I’m Andy,

I have been in the marketing industry since 2011 and I love helping business grow through effective, targeted programs. I am an expert at using powerful tools like Google Analytics to help my clients accelerate sales, focus their marketing spend, and level-up their businesses.

RankPlus SEO and RankPlus Academy are a natural product of my passion for showing others how they can leverage the power of robust interconnected analytics tools. I help my clients discover how their website is performing and what actions they can take to turn visitors into customers.

I’ve helped dozens of business owners achieve the next-level results they envisioned, and I would be honored to provide a similar action-plan for your company.

Are you ready to find out what Google Analytics 4 can do for you?

Andy AuGustin

Google Analytics 4 Help

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Google Analytics UA to GA4 Consultation

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Don't take my word for it...


Peter M.

Andy has expert knowledge regarding Google tracking. I love the 1on1 service he provides because I get to learn during the whole process. His best practices are on point. But, what impresses me the most are the questions he asks about my business model, to understand the scope and delivery of my goals. Even with technical difficulties (WiFi was down) Andy had a backup plan with a hotspot using his cell phone so we didn't have to reschedule our appointment. That truly shows his commitment to technology and my time as his client. Follow up meeting notes are provided just in case you need to reference them or share them with your team. His rates are fair and scheduling is a breeze, all done with automation. I look forward to our next meeting and I highly recommend using Andy at RankPlus Academy to fulfill your online goal-tracking for your website.


Rebecca R.

As a super tiny business we struggled to shift to Google Analytics 4. Andy was a huge help. His process was very efficient, service was top notch and our GA4 is working well. The reports he provided are very helpful. Great experience from start to finish!


Cheryl M.

Andy is very knowledgeable, able to troubleshoot and explain simultaneously. Professional, easy to work with, helpful!


Neal L.

Andy gives clear direction and provides us with the answers we're looking for quickly. His knowledge about GA4, and patience as we walk through analytics together, make him the perfect consultant to learn from.


Sam T.

Andy is very knowledgeable and takes the time to understand the needs of the individual or organization before implementing an action plan.


Melissa Y.

Andy has helped us with a variety of Google Analytics processes from preparing for the switch to the new version, setting up easy to read dashboards that we use for monthly reporting and marketing, to more complex components. His knowledge and expertise has been invaluable and we will continue to turn to him for advise and help as needed. Thank you Andy!


Lars S.

Andy is a veritable Guru when it comes to tracking your website traffic using Google Analytics and Tag Manager. He helped me tremendously, and was very effective in his use of time. Read: His services a well worth the money! Once Andy had presented me with an excellent solution to my need, he has been superb in follow-up help. I am a newbie in the tracking arena, and he showed more than called-for patience and pedagogy in helping me use the interface. I recommend Andy more than highly!


Melissa M.

Before I met Andy, I was spending hours and hours on end watching YouTube videos and hiring coaches to try to figure out how to properly utilize GA4 and Google Tag Manager. I finally hired Andy and he coached me 1 on 1, answering all of my questions thoroughly and confirming what I was and was not doing right. Andy saved me countless hours and is probably one of the best coaches I’ve come across in the digital atmosphere. Thank you Andy and Rank Plus Academy!


K. D.

I found the call with Andy to be highly valuable and insightful! We effectively tackled our analytics challenges, addressed multiple instances of analytics on our account, and made plans for custom tracking goals using Tag Manager. Since there were some JavaScript/code file and plug-in concerns, Andy's insights into technical issues, his willingness to guide us through the process and support drafting instructions to the website development team were particularly helpful. Overall, it was a productive and informative session. Wished we knew about him years ago... Thank you Andy!


Joe S.

Andy is knowledgeable, listens well, and gets things done quickly. It's nice to have someone understand analytics so you don't have to learn it yourself. He is easy to get ahold of and his prices are more than fair. I highly recommend Andy and I don't recommend people easily.


Monica Z.

"I referred to Andy with Rank Plus Academy as a Google Wizard to our company president after our Zoom call. The initial consultation call was very helpful to go over what we were needing so he was very well prepared for the actual appointment. He helped us make sure everything was working more efficiently with our Google analytics, goals, conversions, tag manager and much more. He answered questions along the way and explained things as he went. I would not hesitate to recommend using Andy at RankPlus Academy if you are needing assistance with your Google Ads account. I foresee us using him again in the future."


Stacey A.

"This Google Analytics coaching is great for the person who needs to understand more about what's happening on their website."


Brad M.

"I've been in Google Analytics for years and still find the technical explanations from Google to be mind-numbing. That's why I'm encouraged about your approach to GA. You use a marketer's language. Plain English. "


Cindy W.

"I recently contacted RankPlus Academy because I could not find help with Google Analytics other than going around in circles with the online help. I use GoDaddy and when Google initiated the new cookie policy the analytics stopped working and GoDaddy does not support it. I was happy to find reasonably priced help at RankPlus and met Andy. What a gem! Andy is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful going above and beyond to help me resolve the problems and understand the set up process and even provided guidance for future updates. I highly recommend Andy whose professionalism is outstanding."


Marcus M.

"I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to unlock the value that Google Analytics can have for your organization or business. Andy is a wonderful instructor and presents the information in a way that is digestible and applicable!"


Kaitlyn D.

"Andy did everything – with almost no time or effort from me! My business was carefully studied and is being represented professionally. Now I have a steady flow of clients coming to our business. Using Andy was the best investment I’ve ever made for my business."


Habiba T.

“My work with Andy has been tremendous. I was able to leave my questions and requirements in Andy’s capable hands. 

I am very happy with the work overall and would recommend him to anyone who needs these services.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy?

I want to make sure you walk away with real solutions for your business. If at the end of our session you are unsatisfied with my coaching, I’ll refund your purchase.

What do coaching sessions cover?

During the consultation, we’ll have a quick chat (15 minutes) to go over your issues and the questions you want answered.

The coaching session will be dedicated to walking through the issues discussed in the consultation and creating the solutions you need in real-time.

How do I schedule my session?

Once you purchase a coaching session, you’ll receive an email invitation to schedule your call.

Can I purchase Google Analytics 4 coaching more than once?

Absolutely! If we get to the end of our hour and you still have questions, or run into new issues in the future, simply purchase another session.

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